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Highlands / Scotland lisa WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 309 4
by scoobiedo
Here to help those in need Blue Eyed 6 foot 2 Man WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 112 0
by Blue Eyed 6 foot 2 Man
Genuine sperm donor (NI donation ) ukderbyshireguy WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 126 0
by ukderbyshireguy
urgently wanted donor in Cornwall icemaiden2uk AI ONLY 84 0
by icemaiden2uk
Cornwall Donor Wanted ASAP icemaiden2uk AI ONLY 41 0
by icemaiden2uk
Scottish donor Swimmer WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 68 0
by Swimmer
Genuine Donor Avalible genuine_donor WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 468 2
by genuine_donor
A.I donor available in Lincolnshire. aramislincoln AI ONLY 80 0
by aramislincoln
Hampshire donor Hantsdoc AI ONLY 214 2
by emz10
New here - testing the water scooby331 WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 171 2
by scooby331
AI donor needed - start the family journey - immediate start scooby331 AI ONLY 99 0
by scooby331
Donor Avalible today Makeuamum AI ONLY 84 0
by Makeuamum
Greetings new donor here. Makeuamum WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 92 0
by Makeuamum
Genuine sperm donor offering to help ukderbyshireguy WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 64 0
by ukderbyshireguy
Looking for Donor manchester darkriver AI ONLY 599 6
by siona
south east donor available guildfordguy WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 73 0
by guildfordguy
north east donor. jaystewart WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 58 0
by jaystewart
lesbian couple needing AI donor only gem&jod AI ONLY 139 1
by rythegiant
Re-Introduction ! Babycham WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 318 3
by Chloeviolet
Male here to help mike8550 AI ONLY 166 1
by Chloeviolet
Ai wanted for lesbian couple Chloeviolet AI ONLY 202 2
by Chloeviolet
Oxford educated donor in London Leo111 WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 65 0
by Leo111
Donor needed near Glasgow kemmy AI ONLY 111 0
by kemmy
Donor available in North Tyneside and surrounding areas Wallsendfella WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 106 2
by Wallsendfella
wanted ai donor jay1992 AI ONLY 89 1
by mike8550
looking for ai donar in NOrth west can travel jay1992 WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 123 0
by jay1992
Genuine sperm donor offering to help / Co parent ukderbyshireguy WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 116 1
by jay1992
New Glasgow donor Swimmer WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 275 4
by jay1992
Ai donor need. Bella21 AI ONLY 167 5
by gac1704
looking for donor traceyh AI ONLY 153 1
by mike8550
wanted Ai donor ema and nat AI ONLY 129 1
by mike8550
Doner needed for 24th February lincolnshire Gemm666 AI ONLY 161 1
by mike8550
Ni wanted birmingham area Greyhound12 WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 616 3
by mike8550
al donar only flo AI ONLY 168 3
by mike8550
NEEDED AI DONOR sungrl79 AI ONLY 166 1
by mike8550
Hey all donors wanttobeamum AI ONLY 180 1
by mike8550
Looking for AI or NI donor EvaNickole WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 679 5
by mike8550
hi donor in midlands tiger5559 WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 56 0
by tiger5559
HeLpPp!!!! xleaxbridgetx AI ONLY 108 0
by xleaxbridgetx
New donor in South East jazzy WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 89 0
by jazzy
Glasgow donor Swimmer WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 49 0
by Swimmer
Donor available central scotland acw19846 WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 71 0
by acw19846
Donor needed, AI only, Central Scotland
qwert AI ONLY 253 1
by qwert
Donor Available - Yorkshire - High Count - Track Record portlandduke WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 89 0
by portlandduke
Looking for DerbyshireDonor but may have changed user name Gemm666 WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 110 0
by Gemm666
New donor southwest Theonethatgotaway WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 98 0
by Theonethatgotaway
New donor Theonethatgotaway AI ONLY 109 0
by Theonethatgotaway
Yorkshire Donor Available Tommorow Thursday 12th February friendlydonor AI ONLY 115 0
by friendlydonor
Athletic donor, high count, NE dev89x AI ONLY 235 1
by Gemm666
donor wanted southwest/dorset lilypie WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 179 1
by paul watts
donor asap wantingababy AI ONLY 134 0
by wantingababy
AI Donor required for lesbian couple in Cornwall icemaiden2uk AI ONLY 69 0
by icemaiden2uk
www.babybydonor.co.uk tad WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 215 0
by tad
London & South of England Donor jon69 WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 156 0
by jon69
**sperm donor needed kent** kayleecharlea01 AI ONLY 226 1
by JoeMTR1
any donors in kent???! danandkat12 AI ONLY 120 1
by JoeMTR1
ai donor needed! danandkat12 AI ONLY 206 1
by Liverpool_Donor
Looking For East midlands/Nottingham donor 2mummies AI ONLY 92 0
by 2mummies
A.I donor required in the East Midlands Eastmids AI ONLY 232 4
by 2mummies
N I Donor willing to travel serious_donor WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 136 0
by serious_donor
Professional Donor Silverdeck21 WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 175 1
by Silverdeck21
Male Donor Emids_dave AI ONLY 267 2
by Emids_dave
Donor needed tonight and Friday night, can you help? Yogagirl AI ONLY 235 1
by Yogagirl
AI Donor wanted shropshire Liara5 AI ONLY 219 2
by manc
ai katie86 AI ONLY 103 0
by katie86
Donor wanted in the North Nathan WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 188 0
by Nathan
AI donor West Midlands (shropshire) can travel astroglow AI ONLY 230 3
by Patwhittaker1987
ai donor needed next month beverley AI ONLY 127 0
by beverley
Sperm Donor available in Cheltenham GOLDEN24 AI ONLY 384 1
by beverley
Sperm Donor available in Cheltenham GOLDEN24 WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 213 0
Need a new Ai donor kent ashleec86 AI ONLY 268 3
by jon69
Kent/London AI Donor jon69 AI ONLY 99 0
by jon69
LONDON Donor looking to donate AI or any other method of your Choice. Willing to be part of the family, or not. Just want to help! Bradie WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 110 0
by Bradie
Sperm Donor available in Cheltenham GOLDEN24 WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 195 0
donor needed Northern Ireland mummiesbaby AI ONLY 103 0
by mummiesbaby
British Spanish/Asian Mix Donor, Can Travel most of UK Luiz WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 98 0
by Luiz
Donor in Lanarkshire brianml3 WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 87 0
by brianml3
looking for a AI donor sungrl79 AI ONLY 85 0
by sungrl79
Hello everyone MrBun WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 136 0
by MrBun
leicester looking to help single/couples vinny WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 48 0
by vinny
North of England FREE AI sperm donor UpNorth WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 97 0
by UpNorth
FREE sperm donor AI North of England UpNorth AI ONLY 137 0
by UpNorth
AI donor only please sungrl79 AI ONLY 85 0
by sungrl79
North east donor available. jaystewart WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 66 0
by jaystewart
answers our prays. Bella21 AI ONLY 226 2
by Bella21
Lesbian couple from Birmingham for AI donor. BrumLesbians AI ONLY 124 1
by Aladdin33
WANTED: Chinese or Caucasian Donor In Birmingham fungchi AI ONLY 186 1
by Aladdin33
Donor needed too help. Princess77 AI ONLY 173 1
by Aladdin33
Midlands donor ready to help tiger5559 WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 62 0
by tiger5559
Donor available NW luke77 WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 112 0
by luke77
Ni donor west Yorksher Babymakerni WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 125 0
by Babymakerni
Desperate need for an AI donor in Oxfordshire! pzbridgejones AI ONLY 157 1
by slinkysteve
ai donor beverley WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 150 0
by beverley
Male Donor Emids_dave WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 103 0
by Emids_dave
diy baby wantingababy AI ONLY 137 0
by wantingababy
new to here :) dazzainscot WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 129 0
by dazzainscot
Searching for our wonderful donor from Sheffield.... We have an update..... Roominthewomb WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 222 0
by Roominthewomb
donor avaliable taxisteve WELCOME TO TADPOLETOWN 104 0
by taxisteve
Professor Gennadij Raivich/FQ Frank sex offender sentenced aidonor AI ONLY 310 1
by tad

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