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Hi there!

Ok, so here goes.. On the off chance of there being some intelligent and open minded bi or gay guys reading this, would you be interested in discussing helping me achieve being a biological parent please?

As my profile states I am a female to male transgender guy - born biologically female but have retained all original female plumbing. Had chest surgery and been on hormones for 19 years but now really feeling the caveman urge to reproduce...possibly that good old biological clock.

For the record, not that my trans status is open for debate here, in an ideal world I'd totally prefer to be the one fathering children but in the absence of that option due to the cards I've been dealt, well it seems my only slim chance at biological parenthood is to come off hormones in the hope of restarting a cycle and finding a genuine, fertile guy who'd be happy to inseminate me several times a month in the hope of making miracles happen!

Anyhow, if you're curious as to the possibilities here - including co-parenting (might even work well if you're a gay couple not looking to adopt) and this doesn't send you running feel free to drop me a pm. I presently live and work in Spain but can travel to UK and also happy to meet over here too if the right guy wanted some sun and sea too!


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Your private message is disabled

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hi. Private message showing enabled - just email switched if you'd like to try a pm. thanks

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Private message/e-mail is disabled. There is no way for us to send you a message.

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Hi Transguy.

Are you looking to co-parent with someone and have a biological child with them but no romantic relationship with the donor?

Did you find a co-parent already?

I am contacting you from an award winning TV production company based in Glasgow, UK http://www.finestripe.com

We are looking for people who wish to co-parent to share their story with us in a unique highly sensitive documentary series.


About the documentary

This documentary series is about people who are planning to have a child through co-parenting-specifically people who plan to have a baby and raise it in partnership, but who do not share a romantic relationship. This will include individuals searching for a co-parent, and pairs who are already contemplating the journey.


Who we are filming with already…

We already have a few people and couples taking part in the TV series for example;

A gay couple who wish to have their biological child with their best friend who is heterosexual  and co-parent with her.

A gay couple who haven’t found  co-parent match yet and

3 single heterosexual women who haven’t  met the right man yet and their biological clock is running out or they have fertility issues. They all wish to be parents and are looking for a like-minded man to co-parent with through co-parenting dating websites

Support team of experts in the documentary..

We have a support team of experts in the TV series who will provide financial, legal and psychological advice for those people/couples wishing to go on a co-parenting journey.

Are you thinking abut co-parenting and having a biological child?

Please get in touch with us if you or someone you know is going on this journey: E: coparents@finestripe.com

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