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In movies when earth is under attack, retired Superheros come back to save the world.
The time has come that DWP, or maybe Mot are needed urgently.

CaringGenius, aka TomCares, aka FrankJr, aka TEpstein, aka ThomasDonor aka his real name, is back in the UK plying his 'trade' . People around 2007-2012 will remember this troubled guy from abroad. He uses the UK as his personal breeding pond for a bizare list of reasons.
It was only DWP and Mot who could highlight his dubious mental health and sent him packing last time.

DWP and Mot, the world needs you.

Oh and Hi to DD who has kept this site open all these years!

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Hi HH [wave], Never been called a superhero before, apart from by SG who then changed it to the Antichrist [nono][rofl].

Things must be really bad if you need to call DWP 3 times or is that beetlejuice, hang on I just realised I have a 3 after my name. [frown] 

Yes I remember CaringGenius our friend from USA looking for world domination by turning the population into lookalikes of him by sperm donation [eek] I would say it is a job for the Frog, but if I remember as CC was a supported of Lord Farquaad I don't think she would help.  

Well I would like to help but as I have packed my trunk and said goodbye to the circus, that just leaves DWP - god help us!

PS I do have real concerns about the actions of people like CC and how it will affect Children and do believe recipients should be warned about them. Boil Hods in oil I say. [smile]

Back in the hands of the real Mot3


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yes I miss the old crew the frog from cornwall dwp I guess they still look in to see whats happening or they are on fb in another name causing mayhem as always
they use to make a lot of fun on the old tadpole site winding up ppl etc

im not sure but I think scientist aka teddy donor may still be about using a runners name as being him as someone said a guy said the photo wasn't him and he was a bit older  but a willing donor (georges old trick)
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