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Hey all, we're a couple looking to start our family and looking for a donor to help us.  Our story is a little different than most but I'm hoping someone here may be able to assist us. I'm an FTM transexual, which means I was biologically born a female but at the age of 31 I decided to transition from female to male, (I was taking testosterone prescribved by the NHS).  A year into that  I decided to pause my transition to start a family with my partner (male). 

Prior to deciding to transition I had really thought I didn't want children but then a year in I changed my mind and got broody lol

After about six months stopping the testosterone, I went to the doctors for initial tests including bloodwork to check I was ovualting etc and was told everything was fine so we started trying.  Kept trying and trying every month but no luck[frown]

Anyway after about two years of trying and still no luck we both went for tests, I thought it was probably me but no everything was fine my end, but he was told that we would need IVF if he wanted to father a baby because of issues with his sperm including motility problems, well IVF is just so not an option for us right now, which brings us to this forum.

So now we were wondering if anyone would be willing to help a couple in our situation, though we are not wealthy, we both have our own businesses working for ourselves and have a lot of love to give any child we bring into this world and we have a very stable relationship, we have been together for over a decade now.

We're not really looking for co-parenting, as we would like to raise the child ourselves but are open to giving updates on development progress if wanted, or if you don't want any contact at all, we are fine with that.

Hope someone out there reads this and can possibly help us[smile]

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Are u still looking
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